Wind and Emission Reports

The realistic assessment of the wind potential of a site is the foundation of any wind project.

This applies to the meteorological conditions of the site, but also to emission-related influences such as shadow flickering, noise emission or other plant shutdowns due to nature or permitting regulations.

Our services include:

  • Wind and yield reports with WAsP and CFD
  • "Bestimmung der Standortgüte vor Inbetriebnahme" according TR 6
  • "Bestimmung der Standortgüte vor Inbetriebnahme" according TR 10
  • Shadow flickering report
  • Noise emission reports
  • Determination of yield losses (sound, bat, birds, etc.)
  • Precise determination of grid losses based on electrical planning
  • Visualization and visibility analyses
  • LiDAR measurements

We regularly act as due diligence experts in the field of wind energy – throughout Europe. Therefore, we know very well the requirements for the form, content design and transparency of yield and emission reports, so that the reports can go through a due diligence smoothly.

renerco plan consult is an accredited wind expert according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.


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