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Wind Power

In the prehistory of our company lies a reference to GROWIAN, an experimental large-scale wind turbine of the year 1983 with at that time utopian 3 MW of power. The founding father of our company was involved in its development as an engineer for the German company MAN at the time. Politicians and the energy industry had deliberately set unattainable requirements even for German engineers. With the aim – documented in writing – to provide proof that wind energy is not an alternative to nuclear energy. Unfortunately, the notoriously unreliable GROWIAN fulfilled this task for the time being.

While politicians and power companies now believed they could sit back and relax with satisfaction, in the shadow of GROWIAN was a seed of small and reliable wind turbines.

Decades later, they have reached power ratings that also make the GROWIAN appear small. With high reliability and levelized cost of electricity that makes every new nuclear power plant and coal-fired power plant green with envy. Wind energy, together with photovoltaics, will be the second means of transforming our energy supply as we enter a new era.

We want to support you in this. And offer a comprehensive portfolio for investors, project developers and operators.

We plan wind farms, both new projects and repowering.

renerco plan consult is an accredited wind expert according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. As such, we prepare wind and emission reports. With our own LiDAR devices, we also carry out wind measurements. We follow in our work the required guidelines.

In the purchase process, we advise investors, support operators in optimizing performance and much more.

We look forward to creating solutions for you. At home and abroad.

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Real data based yield assessment wind farm 61 MW, Sweden

  • Operational data analysis 26 Enercon E-103, 2.35 MW and real data based yield assessment



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