Kombinationsbild mit Windenergie und Photovoltaik


With passion.

For our future.


It’s not that the Stone Age ended with a lack of stones. Just as the fossil age does not end with the lack of fossil fuels. It ends anyway. The only question is when renewable energies will put an end to it. In order to avert the climate catastrophe, it should be done quickly. To secure the future, to create a fair global energy supply. And new jobs.

We work on it, with passion. And want to support you in your challenges. Above all, to provide you with solutions with our expertise.

Photovoltaics, wind energy and grid connection are our home. Sector coupling will be the next big challenge. Because the sun will continue to set at night, and the wind has a capricious side. Not to forget that the energy transition must also replace fossil raw materials.

Our 20+ employees from a wide range of specialised experts provide a wide range of knowledge.  We work for investors, project developers and plant operators.

Our customers are municipal utilities, energy suppliers, banks, institutional investors and family offices, project developers, citizen energies and cooperatives. National and international.


The solid foundation for sound advice and planning is the experience we have gained over many years from a wide range of projects at home and abroad. And of course the enthusiasm that our employees bring to their field of work, renewable energies.  To develop solutions for you.

– Tilo Wachter, Managing Director



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