renerco plan consult is an international company, active throughout Europe.

Our clients include well-respected international investment companies, banks and institutional investors, as well as energy providers, cooperatives, municipal bodies and private individuals. We have long-standing business relationships with many of these clients, whose projects we often see through from start to finish.

We would be pleased to support you with your projects, whether in Germany, where we are based, or wider Europe.

Wind turbines are striking symbols of the future of energy generation. Modern as they seem now, it has almost been forgotten that the use of wind power once shaped the appearance of Europe's cultivated landscapes for centuries.

Though supplanted by steam power and electrification, wind power was always present in the minds of visionary engineers. This technology evolved unnoticed at first, then with increasing momentum. Today, wind power has become the greatest beacon of hope for the conversion to sustainable energy generation.

The direct conversion of the sun's energy into electricity was one of the most important developments of the 20th century. The first ventures into space were symbolic of a quest to discover new worlds. Photovoltaics turned the vision of making good use of the sun's inexhaustible energy into a powerful reality.

Even so, it was half a century before dedicated subsidy programmes helped this technology to achieve a breakthrough. The 21st century will be a time for the exploitation of new energies, with photovoltaics and wind power in the vanguard.

Geothermal energy has been used for decades to generate electricity and heat in regions with suitable geology, such as Iceland. In Germany, technical advances and subsidies under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) have enabled dynamic growth to be achieved in the geothermal industry.

The benefit of this type of energy is its constant availability, independent of season or weather related fluctuations. Geothermal energy is therefore particularly important for the supply of base load energy.


Biomass was once mankind's most important energy source, but was replaced by fossil fuels as it became possible to extract them on an industrial scale. Today, the utilisation of biomass as a renewable raw material is enjoying a renaissance.

Beyond the traditional application of heating, modern technologies such as the generation of biogas are breaking new ground. The utilisation of biogenic residues such as liquid manure and organic waste are particularly interesting concepts from an ecological point of view. 



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