Renewable energies stand for a better future.

Whether this future will come about is up to us all. Through our daily decisions as people, through our political actions, through our entrepreneurial skills. Through our convictions and values.

Everyone is talking about sustainability. Thick sustainability reports are being printed on white paper. Whether this is initiating a real reorientation is uncertain.

For us it is a matter of course that renerco plan consult must stand for sustainability. And we had implemented early on what we understood by this:

  • Green energy for the office
  • Recycled paper
  • Black and white and double-sided printing to save paper and toner
  • Travel planning that takes environment factors into account
  • Fairtrade coffee, organic milk and sugar

In December 2016, we were lucky enough to attend a lecture by Professor Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, Head of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. This lecture opened our eyes in the long term.

The international scientific community estimates the residual uncertainty at 5%, that continuing to use fossil resources as we do now will cause the global temperature to rise by 5° by the end of 2100 compared to the post-industrial age. Humanity will then be able to live in Patagonia, Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, Northern Scandinavia and Northern Siberia. A world population in the double-digit billion range...

What does this mean? Nothing less than the apocalypse.

Schellnhuber's book "Selbstverbrennung" (Self-Combustion) is recommended for those who would like to find out more about the topic in depth while also entertainingly over 700 pages.

Energetic measures can perhaps still limit the impending disaster to a 1.5° rise. Mankind could still deal with that. But the measures must be taken quickly!

For a powerful coalition of parts of the fossil fuel economy and political forces, sustainability is at best lip service. Only short-term profit counts here, not the future of mankind.

This is the situation in our globalised world. Is that what we want?

Taking sustainability seriously means to ACT. NOW!

The most important goal in the sense of safeguarding the future of mankind is the COMPLETE elimination of CO2 emissions. As quickly as possible.

In 2016, we determined our emissions for the first time, one morning's work. It was about 55 tons. Half from flights, and by far the rest from heating the office.

We cannot stop these emissions overnight, nor can we stop them by the day after tomorrow. Stopping our business operations is not really sustainable either.

But we can offset the CO2 we use by financing measures that lead to equivalent savings. At first glance, climate protection projects seem like trading in indulgences. From an economic point of view, however, it makes sense to intervene first of all where CO2 savings are inexpensive. Supporting projects in the Third World also benefits disadvantaged sections of the population.

For our 55 tonnes of CO2 the offsetting with all certificates and stamps costs around €1,000, or about 0.4% of our turnover. Climate protection is not expensive.

As renerco plan consult we would like to set a modest example with our climate neutrality. Perhaps someone will join us in doing so.

In the medium term, our emissions must fall towards zero. This also requires a socio-political process, which we are committed to supporting.

We all bear responsibility

In 2018 Greta Thunberg launched the Friday for Future movement. A 15-year-old girl from Sweden. She has succeeded in getting millions of young people around the world enthusiastic about her ideals. A movement has been created that has put climate protection back on the political agenda.

As renerco plan consult we have declared our solidarity to this movement. For the first time with participation in the event for the European elections in 2019. As a company, we will continue to give our employees the opportunity to participate in major Friday-for-Future events in Munich.