Blumen und Insekten vor Photovoltaikmodulen

Our Responsibility

Tilo Wachter, Geschäftsführung

Renewable energies stand for a better, sustainable future.

We all determine how this future occurs. With our beliefs and values. With our daily decisions as human beings, with our political actions, with our entrepreneurial skills.

Tilo Wachter, Managing Director

Sustainability must be a matter of course for renerco plan consult. Not only do we provide our customers with solutions to establish a sustainable energy supply.

Sustainability should also be a matter of course in everyday company life. Initially, with green electricity and recycled paper. Supplemented by fair trade coffee and organic milk. And even oat milk. But an urban lifestyle won't save the world.

In 2016, a stirring lecture by Professor Schellnhuber, head of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, inspired us to take a far more serious step.  

A continuation in the handling of fossil resources and a lax expansion of renewables in the previous style will cause the global temperature to rise to – yes – apocalyptic values by the end of 2100. By then, Patagonia, Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, Northern Scandinavia and Northern Siberia will experience comfortably mild temperatures. With a world population in the double-digit billion range.

Climate neutrality must be achieved quickly

One of the most important, if not the most important goal in terms of securing the future of mankind is the COMPLETE elimination of CO2 emissions.

Our CO2 emissions are currently approx. 50 tons annually. Without stopping business, which seems suboptimal, we cannot stop these emissions overnight, not even from one day to the day after tomorrow. But can we at least compensate for the CO2. Indulgence trade? It makes economic sense to intervene where CO2 savings are inexpensive. Serious projects in the Third World benefit disadvantaged population groups in particular.

For 55 tons in 2016, compensation with a high-quality certificate cost around €1,000. Climate protection is not expensive. Climate neutrality is now a clear commitment for us. And was the decisive motivation for our parent company to follow suit in 2018. A much larger company with over 3,000 employees at the time.

The CO2 emissions must end. In the medium term, it will even take a negative balance to turn back the wheel. This requires a global socio-political process

Even today, for a powerful coalition of parts of the fossil fuel economy and political forces, sustainability is still just lip service – even in Germany. What counts is short-term profit and thinking, not a long-term, future-oriented policy. "Technological openness" is the latest magic word that wraps this attitude in a green-washed cloak.

Is that what we want?

In 2018, a 15-year-old girl launched the Friday for Future movement. She was able to inspire millions of young people and many more for climate protection. And put climate protection on the political agenda. Since the 2019 European elections, we have given our employees the opportunity to take part in major Friday for Future events in Germany. Since the 2019 European elections, we have been giving our employees the opportunity to participate in major Fridays For Future events.

Unfortunately, parts of Fridays for Future have taken a very wrong turn. Glue activists are annoying people instead of creating enthusiasm for climate protection with really convincing campaigns. Unfortunately.

Because nothing would be more important than a broad movement for climate protection that is accessible to everyone. It is a matter close to our hearts to support such a movement again at any time until politicians have created the necessary framework conditions for truly sustainable climate protection.



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