Photovoltaikanlage auf Fläche


Photovoltaics has made incredible progress in the past 20 years. From a technical point of view and, ultimately, from a price point of view. It is now likely to be the most important pillar in the transformation of the energy supply.

In future history books, the German EEG will be mentioned as THE measure that was decisive for the worldwide breakthrough of photovoltaics. And that the costs for this were manageable.

We want to support you in continuing the success story of photovoltaics. And offer a broad service portfolio. For investors, project developers and operators.

We plan photovoltaic systems from a few 100 kW to the 100 MW class, prepare yield reports, advise investors in the purchase process, support operators in performance optimization and much more.

We look forward to creating solutions for you. At home and abroad.

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Due Diligence PV portfolio 144 MWp, Netherlands

  • 2 projects, total 144 MWp, connectid to high voltage grid
  • Support of the projects with due diligence, construction supervision and technical acceptance

Due Diligence PV portfolio 57 MWp, Hungary

  • 3 projects, total 57 MWp
  • Technical due diligence, support in technical contract details
  • Construction supervision, technical acceptance
  • Annual operational review with inspection 2018-up to now


Planning solar park portfolio, Bavaria

  • 7 solar parks, approx. 40 MW, including 2.5 MWp Agri-PV plant (cow pasture)
  • Detailed design, grid connection planning and coordination
  • Yield assessment
  • Construction supervision and technical acceptance

Due Diligence PV portfolio, 47 MWp

  • Complete technical due diligence
  • Inspections of approx. 50 PV plants within a few weeks

PV battery hybrid project 36 MWp, Africa

  • Replacement of diesel generators to power a gold mine in Mail
  • Detailed design of a single-axis tracker PV system in complex terrain

Planning extension of existing wind farm 22MW to combined plant with 10 MWp PV, Bavaria

  • Planning of PV plant
  • Yield assessment with determination of simultaneity losses of PV feed-in while maintaining existing grid connection capacity
  • Electrical planning
  • Planning and tender support of the node station
  • Grid connection study incl. reactive power consideration
  • Prototype electrical planning




Planning of PV systems on landfills, Germany

  • 2 landfills, 750 kWp + 400 kWp, 750 kWp
  • Planning, tendering
  • Construction supervision and technical acceptance


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