Grid Connection

The number of renewable energy plants that feed into the power grid is constantly increasing. As gratifying as this is, it is an ever-greater challenge for project developers to secure an economically viable grid connection point.

Grid connection conditions are intensifying; grid capacities are becoming scarce. Many a project has already failed because of this. That’s why we offer solutions that ensure you the best grid connection. And thus save the economy unnecessary costs.

We are active in the working groups of the BWE and VDE on the subject of grid connection. This means that we are not only informed about the latest developments; we also help shape them. We are also regularly in demand as speakers on this topic for the BWE.

Two aspects are essential for us:

We ensure that the network operator actually offers you the best grid connection point for the economy as a whole.

And for this optimal grid connection point, we are happy to provide you with cost- and operation-optimized planning, both with regard to electrical engineering and the cable route.

Our services range around grid connection:

Grid Connection Coordination   Grid Connection Optimization  Cable Route Planning

Grid Connection Planning   Seminars

Selected References

You can find our complete reference list here:

Optimization of grid connection solar park 130 MWp, Germany

  • Negotiation with grid operator
  • Reducing cable route from 28 km to 7 km
  • Coordination of grid connection concept
  • Substation concept planning


Optimization grid connection wind farm 4 MW, Germany

  • Grid calculation
  • Negotiation with grid operator
  • Reducing cable route from 16 km to 0 km


Optimization grid connection wind farm 15 MW, Germany

  • Negotiation with grid operator
  • Construction of own substation not necessary, connection to medium voltage instead


Grid connection coordination portfolio 10 PV plants, Germany

  • 10 PV plants, different sizes
  • Management of grid connection process for customer
  • Submitting grid inquiries to various grid operators, checking feed-in commitments, carrying out extension of grid connection commitment


Electrical planning substation, 35 MW wind farm Germany

  • 35 MW wind farm Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • Concept planning with ground plan, SLD, mast connection, coordination with grid operator


Cable route planning PV plant Germany

  • Cable route 5.5 km
  • Preliminary planning, design planning, approval planning, tendering process


Electrical planning 8 MWp solar park with 3 MW/4 MWh storage, Germany

  • Electrical planning transfer station and cable route. Special feature storage and TF-barrier
  • Accompaniment of tendering up to commissioning

Electrical planning of combined power plant 22 MW-Wind/10 MWp-PV, Bavaria

  • Electrical planning of the extension of 22 MW wind farm by additional 10 MWp PV plant
  • Planning and tender support of the node station
  • Grid connection study incl. reactive power analysis
  • Prototype electrical planning


Grid connection concept solar park 170 MWp, Germany

  • Consulting on grid connection concept, negotiations with grid operator
  • Dimensioning and clarification of transformers
  • Reactive power study
  • Owners Engineer



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