Due Diligence

Due diligence serves to evaluate an investment object such as a wind farm or a ground-mounted PV plant. Our most important concern is not only to show you the risks of the transaction, but also to provide you with solutions.  

For wind farms and PV projects.

To this end, we rely on our broad-based team of experts consisting of yield experts, technical specialists, grid specialists and planners.

We draw our experience from the large number of projects that we have examined throughout Europe. And – in this respect we differ from many market participants – we are not only active as consultants. We are an accredited wind expert and regularly prepare PV yield reports. We plan wind farms and ground-mounted PV plants up to 100 MW class. And are active in operational optimization.

You benefit directly from this. Be it in the assessment of yield, the assessment of the permit and emissions, the evaluation of planning and execution quality or the assessment of grid access.

In the case of existing plants, you can assume that we can assess in depth the repowering or revamping potential as well the continued operation.

During construction of the project, we can ensure with inspections and acceptance services that you get the quality that you are contractually entitled to.

We operate in the European market. Our references include not only standard projects, but also special features such as

  • Existing portfolios for whose plants continued operation or repowering questions arise
  • Combined wind and PV projects with power-limited grid connection, where assessing the simultaneity of wind and PV generation is the crucial question
  • Development pipelines for which the audit point is on yield potential and approval situation
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Head of Consulting Wind
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