Grid Connection Planning (Electrical Planning)

Grid connection planning includes the design and dimensioning of all electrical equipment such as cables, transfer stations and substations.

In grid connection planning, we see that the proportion of high-voltage connections (substation) is increasing. Our planning approach includes the development of an efficient connection concept for coordination with the grid operator. In this way, we provide you with valuable input for securing space in an early project phase. By involving a general contractor for the substation at an early stage, we skip the otherwise cost-intensive detailed planning. Of course, we will then support you from the tender to commissioning to the desired depth.

In medium voltage, the new VDE-AR-N 4110 ensures higher requirements. Especially in photovoltaics, as has been the case in the wind sector for many years, more complex grid connection planning (e.g. reactive power optimization) is increasingly required. Another novelty is the electrical planning required by the grid operator for prototype systems. Here, too, we are happy to support you.

Our services:

  • Preliminary and design planning of the electrical infrastructure with DIgiSILENT PowerFactory (medium and high voltage)
  • Calculation of electrical losses and economic optimization of equipment (cables, switching station, etc.)
  • Tendering of components and trades
  • Coordination of plant certification
  • Construction supervision
  • Supervision of commissioning
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