A thermography or thermal imaging camera captures the heat radiation that is imperceptible to the human eye. By identifying the smallest temperature differences, irregularities in the energy flow can be detected that indicate damaged areas. Thermography therefore offers a wide range of applications for the control of electrical systems.

Thermography proves its particular suitability in the inspection of PV systems. Causes of loss-related reduced yields and safety-relevant defects can be identified during operation without the system having to be shut down. And before they lead to further damage and failures to your system.

Thermography is excellently suited to record the technical condition when selling or purchasing a PV system. A variety of potential defects can be quickly identified, such as defect cells, damaged connections and contacts.

We carry out thermography examinations in two ways. With the high-resolution handheld camera at selected points of the system during inspections and – worldwide – by drone thermography. Drone thermography enables a fast, large-scale examination of the system, especially the module surfaces.

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