Interested in wind power?
Your company is considering moving into this form of energy and you would like an initial overview?

We can help. A renerco plan consult seminar is a way to acquire key information and pointers. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge. Our managing directors and other personnel have been lecturing at prestigious educational institutes for many years.

We offer tailor-made seminars where we provide practical information that is relevant to you. Find out more about the risks and opportunities associated with renewables projects, including the technical and statutory frameworks that surround them and how such projects can be practically implemented. We always conclude our seminars with a visit to an operational plant.

We will be pleased to comply with your wishes – for instance, if you are interested in a specific subject or have a particular time scale. We will consult with you on the seminar structure and content as a matter of course. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Your contact:
rpc  Managing Director: Tilo Wachter

Tilo Wachter
+49 89 383932-147