Our support portfolio is diverse and based on our many years' experience. We offer you practical advice on assessment, implementation and optimisation of your projects. We recommend courses of action and propose solutions, since we are just as keen to identify risks and technical faults as we are to eliminate or resolve them.

renerco plan consult offers you a suitable range of services for any remit (excerpt):

  • Due diligence reports
  • Initial rough assessment of individual problems (red flag)
  • Comprehensive project analyses, from approval documents through to project contracts
  • Proposals for the resolution of identified project risks and outstanding issues
  • Comprehensive structured project reports with summary for decision-makers, overview of identified risks and outstanding issues
  • Yield estimations
    • Evaluation and verification of yield reports with the aid of software tools such as WindPro and WASP
    • Calculations of losses in yield (electrical losses, noise shut-off, shade shut-off and other idle times)
  • Repowering analyses
    • Initial basic feasibility study based on regional plans, spacing regulations and height restrictions
    • Detailed design, system selection and micro site planning
    • Approval planning
  • Operational analysis and optimisation
    • Initial assessment of optimisation potential based on standardised data retrieval
    • Detailed analysis and compiling of optimisation proposals based on optimisation potential identified during the initial assessment
Your contact:

Fabian Pfeifenroth
T +49 89 383932-147