A realistic forecast of the energy yield over the duration of the project constitutes a key element for the economic success of a PV project.

By combining a scientific approach with our extensive expertise, we ensure that your project is on a solid foundation. Our reports are prepared based on years of experience using recognizedexpert-software.

  • Use of highly precise meteorological data from ground monitoring stations and weather satellites
  • Consideration of shading based on horizon shots, layout plans and topographic models
  • Simulations using expert-software and validated algorithms

For a reliable analysis of the performance of existing plants, eg as part of a sale or refinancing, we evaluate the investment income taking into account the actual irradiation. The plant behavior is simulated based on real irradiation and temperature conditions at the site andcompared with the actual behavior. Thus, it can quickly detect whether the solar park is workingas expected or presents variations in performance. If this is the case, we will analyze ways to raise the performance level.