New Year's Greetings 2021


Dear Business Partner,
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

A year has just come to an end that is sure to take its place in the annals.

Not only because this unspeakable U.S. president finally has to leave office. Because that should probably be "owed" to COVID-19. But at what price? Deaths that are measured in millions, livelihoods that are measured in tens of millions. A loss of quality of life that is difficult to measure. A catastrophe, then.

A catastrophe that, because it is so obvious, forces us to act. Never before have vaccines been developed so quickly. The cavalry that will hopefully save us in the near future. Meanwhile, we stare in bewilderment at the fun pools in Wuhan and the karaoke clubs in Taiwan. And pause between partial and full lockdown and all too many graves. The other catastrophe, the almost forgotten one (well, there were reports of epic forest fires in California during the summer slump), which is rolling towards us with even greater force, we euphemistically call climate change. And wait. For the cavalry?

We could use the pandemic to learn from it. Not just for the next pandemic, the parallels to the climate catastrophe are obvious. Self-evident as a goal here (no collapse of the health care system), no goal there (be 1.5°C or 2°C, both catastrophic). If averting bankruptcy is the final goal, then good night.

We accept that in the most developed industrialized country in Europe, testing capacities are collapsing. But rapid tests are not a "gold standard"! So rather less testing instead of mass testing where it burns. Moreover, it would be difficult to track the many positive results. The Bundeswehr might be able to do that, but they'd be better off guarding their scrap metal in the barracks. The Corona app? What hackers think about it is important. Not what pandemic experts think is necessary. It would be better to pay a few billion euros more for short-time work.

Investments in climate protection? We don't have the money now. Instead, we're shutting down PV systems older than 20 years. A non-bureaucratic solution? Not with Minister Altmaier. Tens of GW of wind power are blocked because of flight safety. It is not scientifically evident that there are no risks. We prefer to ignore the scientific evidence of the climate catastrophe.

The parallels can be drawn umpteen times. Our politicians fail to formulate the necessary goals in the face of enormous challenges. We are world champions when it comes to raising concerns and pointing out insignificant risks. How about taking something back and becoming soccer world champions again? The comfortable misery is just comfortable. Everyone gets a little bit of satisfaction. But in the end, it doesn't really help anyone. In the words of Franz-Josef Strauß: Everybody's Darling is everybody's Depp.

And so, the lack of leadership in such politics - in so many democracies - is exploited by unsavory figures. Whether their names are Trump or Höcke, they sprout like crocuses in spring. And score points with cunning slogans. As a vision “themselves first” and, of course, without any solutions.

Let's do it differently and approach it positively. By looking for, developing and using solutions. And look at the great opportunities!

Corona under control, therefore Oktoberfest again.

Climate catastrophe averted, therefore many future jobs, no more wars over oil, a home worth living in preserved for billions of people - a better world for all of us!

These are worthwhile goals. Perhaps people would even be enthusiastic about them?

As for our climate, we are the cavalry! So, let's put our spurs to our horses and ride together. Against the climate catastrophe!

To 2021!

We almost forgot. We have given a lot of thought to our mission statement over the past year which is expressed by this core statement:

Solutions for renewables. With passion.
For our Future.

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