New Year's Greetings 2020

Dear business partners,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

habemus climate protection law. Who would have expected this in early 2019? Now, of course, we can have an excellent debate on whether the glass is perhaps largely empty after all. But we have it, at least as a basis.

But to whom do we owe the law? First and foremost, not the Federal Minister of Economics and Energy, whom our Climate Chancellor is not sending on a much-needed holiday despite her call for “Pillepalle” to be stopped.

Rather, it is a young Swedish girl who has inspired millions of young people around the world to take up the issue and make them look to their future. There is no need to imagine where we would be without Fridays for Future.

Cutting school is against the law? Without a doubt. Is Germany violating international agreements? Without a doubt. It is great that a worldwide movement has finally emerged that is demanding its right - to a future without constant heat, capricious weather, without foreseeable suffering with enormous streams of refugees as a result. And we Germans in particular should take great care to ensure that our state does not commit any injustice. Civil courage is therefore a duty. Nobody needs to worry about truants who stand behind this movement with conviction. We want responsible, interested, committed citizens and people.

So our thanks go to Fridays for Future, and if we really mean climate protection seriously, we should all support the movement.

renerco plan consult was present at all the major demos in Munich last year. We would be pleased if you, if many more people and companies participate. We have already met some of you there, and heard from others that they were there. In 2020 we will continue our commitment.

The fight against climate change could provide the world with many new technologies and jobs and finally put an end to an ominous struggle for raw material resources. We all just have to want it - for a better world.

And that is what we want to work for this year - together with you.

You probably already know. The Stone Age did not end with the shortage of stones. The Coal Age will not end because of a shortage of coal, but because of better alternatives. Let us bring the alternatives forward together!

With this in mind, we wish you all the best and lots of positive energy for the year 2020.

Your renerco plan consult