New Year's greetings 2019

Dear business partners,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

2018 is history. From a German perspective, some of our core strengths are slowly being lost. The FIFA World Cup - no tackling - lost. Brown coal and SPD - no tackling - also lost because of this. Our automotive industry: Instead of German engineering art, shysters art.

Who only looks behind - whether as former world champion or party - loses. The future lies ahead. To speak with Hermann Hesse: Only those who are ready to set off and travel can unravel their paralyzing habits.

The future offers opportunities. Always. Artificial intelligence destroys jobs? Couldn't we simply redistribute everything in such a way that the working time that is lost is transformed into free time for everyone? Let the robots work while we all have more time. Visionaries over 50 years ago thought so.

The optimism and will to create can bring more than a Veggie Day, was recently also proven.

Climate change. A serious problem, probably the most serious of mankind ever. How real this is, has our year's century (?) summer already shown, which catastrophes threaten, was frighteningly demonstrated in California. But perhaps climate change also helps us to understand that humanity must solve problems together. To rely on "great again" in the short term is not a concept for the next 1000 years.

And quite honestly, if we all want to, this problem can be solved. Below 1.5 °C. The solutions are there, if we are optimistic and seize all opportunities.

That is why, after starting in 2017, we will compensate for our remaining CO2 emissions again this year. And in 2018 we succeeded in convincing a much larger company to join us. And this example is already working. Some must lead the way. The "High Ambition Coalition" must grow. If you need our advice, we will be happy to support you.

You probably already know. The stone age did not end with the lack of stones. The coal age will not end in the shortage of coal, but in better alternatives. Let us move the alternatives forward together!

With this in mind, we wish you all the best and much positive energy for 2019.


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