drone inspection for PV in Germany, Europe and overseas

Thermography is a proven tool for the inspection of photovoltaic systems. In combination with high-performing UAVs, a standard is now establishing itself that enables a fast and inexpensive inspection of roof-mounted systems up to the very largest ground-mounted systems.

A drone-supported thermographic examination provides reliable information about the technical condition of the modules. This provides the operator with important information to initiate any necessary optimizations and repairs. In the event of technical acceptance or the purchase of an existing plant, the condition of the plant can be easily documented in this way.

The simultaneous performance curve analysis of the system is an ideal supplement to a drone flight. Defects on inverters that cannot be detected during a flight or modules with reduced power that cannot be thermographically identified are thus additionally detected. From the sum of all information obtained, the complete yield potential of the system can then be evaluated.

This means that the inspection, even at regular intervals, pays off.

renerco plan consult now offers in cooperation with Fairfleet GmbH, Munich, UAV-based PV system inspections. In Germany, Europe and all over the world. Fast and reliable.

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