Erneuerbare Energien auf dem Vormarsch

New Year's Greetings 2022


The glass-half-empty-or-full discussion is a good one to have at this turn of the year. As for the performance of our state representatives on Covid-19, at least until the new government was installed, the glass is as empty as the Atacama Desert is dry. It is all so depressing that there is nothing more to say about it.

This Corona madness does have one positive effect, however.  Until now, so called “Querdenker” were useful idiots for fossil fuel lobbyists (what was that about infrasound, Mr. Altmaier?). In the case of fanatical opponents of wind power, the vaccination rate is likely to be as low as the evidence of their arguments. Hopefully, this will make them less likely to be heard in the future.

So we should all look ahead. Let's move on to the things that are positive.

First and foremost, there is the Bavarian Minister President. He is - and he knows it - certainly one of the greatest talents and strategists among German politicians. After all, he spared us the Nestor of cozy misery as chancellor after the lead-heavy period of the GroKo.

The resulting exchange of top political personnel (exemplified by Mr. Scheuer, Mr. Altmaier and Mr. Spahn) should give the traffic light start the dynamism of a modern electric car. And since our "climate chancellor (ret.)" has recently confused presidential consideration with leadership, let's let Scholz do it for a change.

As far as our energy transition mission is concerned, the coalition agreement contains a lot of sensible things. Sufficient land designated for wind energy. Aeration in the administrative and licensing area. Milestones. Not only for renewables.

Of course, there is still a lot of room for improvement. But: At the Oktoberfest, hardly anyone complains about the half-poured Maß... There is finally the feeling that things could move forward. So, a half-full glass!

Thus, the new challenge is to be able to realize what is possible. The fight for the resources personnel and material. Just that there is at the moment again enough toilet paper. By the way, recycling can provide the raw material not only for toilet paper.

The hope? The rapid increase in the price of CO-2. An example? The truck driver who currently diesels Adelholzen mineral water to Gerolstein and takes the Gerolsteiner to Adelholzen on the way back can drive PV modules to the construction site in the future. The excellently trained personnel from the fossil sector will be transferred to new tasks in the renewable sector.

In large cities there is a huge potential of roof areas for PV. In addition, there are potential employees who are exploited for hip business models, e.g. to deliver lemongrass to the door in 10 minutes in a climate-neutral manner. Surely you should be able to inspire them to do something useful!

Astonishing things have also happened globally. Coal was identified as the bogeyman in Glasgow, officially! Definitely another glass half full.

And digital? At any rate, we have initiated the fax phase-out at our company. You will look in vain for a fax number on our redesigned homepage.

Here's to half-full glasses! To 2022!


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